100 word stories – 2 Sept 2017

One of the aspect of this site is to share flash fiction to more people.

Another aspect is to chase a personal dream of earning a living from my story writing. Many writers want this, many fail. It is why I am not directly promoting my own writing and working towards sharing other quality writers alongside my own. It keeps my writing honest because I have to match the quality of writing I am receiving for the site.

Another aspect of this site is to encourage people to write.

I know writing is tough. A good short story is tough. Flash fiction is tough. So can 100 word stories. But the advantage the 100 word story has is the shortness. Almost everyone can write a 100 word story. It is small enough to take risks, to use as a way to learn writing styles, and the time and investment in a story is limited compared to longer works This means you can write multiple stories while learning the craft and be able to try many different experiments that require ten to twenty minutes rather than a novel that can take years. A long, risky investment for a learning curve that is most likely going to fail.

To me, the 100 word story is a learning tool as much as a medium to tell stories, share experiences, and to get an important message out into the world.

As part of the process of turning NibbleReads into something that works for everyone…. readers get to read for free, writers get paid for their work, I get to earn an income for myself…… I am beginning to introduce advertising banners to the site. They are adverts that I 100% control and are related to flash fiction or learning to write.

To begin that process I am beginning with a service, which is me providing feedback to 100 word stories with a view to helping people write a story that is good enough to publish here.

Soon I will add in a course about 100 word story writing. The first course will be free, then they will be $15 each with feedback given in all courses and the opportunity to meet and give feedback from other students during the course.

In time I people pay for the space to sell their own flash fiction work or courses.

And to round off the process I will directly sell eBooks of authors that have contributed 50 stories to NibbleReaders so the writers can earn from their work.

Writers need to earn from their work. So while readers love free quality content, the flip side is advertising space needs to be sold to earn money to provide the quality work. And sometimes, once a year, if each reader spends $2.00 or $3.00 buying something they want from here, then this site will be able to pay good money to the writers who provide the content you love to read.

Here are the stories from this weeks writers.

Missing person by Alanah Andrews.
This one had me thinking for a while after reading it

To the one I love by Rodney Goodall.
To the love you wish you could have.

Crack of dawn by Peter Larsen.
Sorry Peter, but everyone needs to know this happened to you

Can I fire him? by Jon Benham.
New author to NibbleReads. The emotional difficulty of trying to dismiss someone.

Annoying laughter by Matt Holland.
New author to NibbleReads. I read this one a few times because each time I read it I found new aspects to the story. I have yet to ask which one  Peter intended or whether the ambiguity is intended.

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