100 word stories – 25 August 2017

Each week brings new stories.

Not just from me (Rodney), but from other writers.

So far I have two regular contributors, but each week I have people submit stories. Some do the occasional 100 word story that is published, others submit and I let them know the story needs work. I always provide reasons on why and provide feedback. This takes a while, but for me, it is a process of supporting people to improve their writing.

For NibbleReads, it means the reader gets stories that I find value in. The idea being that I only publish quality stories that people are more likely to enjoy reading with a view to having people coming back for more.

This week I had two submissions from two new people who sent their work to me within 3 minutes of each other. I don’t thnk they know of each other at this point. But it is cool how the timing works. Freaky stuff when they replied the next day on the same minute. They are in sync.

As well as that, they both have their stories turning up this week, taking the number of contributors to NibbleReads to six writers. For the readers of tales, I hope you find the expending range of writers enjoyable.

Here are the stories being feature this week.

Nightly visitor by Alanah Andrews. This is a trilogy of 100 word stories.
If you only read on thing this week from here, let it be this story. Although you should read them all.

Return of the rabbit by Rodney Goodall.
This actually happened to me when I was about nine years old. No, I did not shoot the gun, although I wanted to.

Take me back by Peter Larsen.
I find this story touching.

Deserted Tracks by Mike Jackson.
This is Mike’s second story. A look into the future.

Next week there will be new writers to select.

This weeks article

The magic of 100 word story writing and reading. – Article by Rodney

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