100 word stories – 8 Sept 2017

More stories to read. Another good week for reading and writing.

Next week will see the introduction of a new author, she has contributed two lovely pieces of work already and I look forward to sharing them.

Here are the stories from this weeks writers.

Artificial light by Alanah Andrews.
This one had me thinking for a while after reading it

The flood by Rodney Goodall.
An expression of annoyance at a general ignoring of bad floods in poor countries.

Child’s play by Peter Larsen.
A reverse story. Read this top to bottom and bottom to top. Considering these stories are hard enough as it is, doing it with the 100 word limit makes these efforts doubly awesome.

Itchy feet by Matt Holland.
Small things can become a big issue

Article of the week

Writing warm up by Rodney Goodall
A look into the process I use to start my writing day.

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