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In mid 2016 Rodney discovered 100 words stories, he loved reading them, then he started to write a few. After writing 40 or 50 of them he discovered a few things.

  • they are hard to write well.
  • they are a wonderfully fun way to experiment with
  • they helped to improve his writing
  • he wanted to share with the world these delightful story nuggets

People want to read stories, it is part of who we are as humans. Once upon a time we sat around fires sharing tales to amuse, to bond, to learn and create a sense of wonderment, joy, mirth, horror and mystery.

Then we developed writing and story telling expanded. Not so much novels, but folktales and short stories. They were quickly read, easily remembered and enjoyed generation on generation. While the classic novels and plays came and went, the very short story seemed to stick around for longer.

It almost seems as if the very short story is the preferred method of story telling. Little anecdotes that every family shares over meals, on the bus, while talking to friends. They are a natural length, everyone has a short tale to tell, they are part of the make up of being human.

With those ideas floating around, it made sense to Rodney that the very short story should be treated with more respect, shared more often, and read regularly by anyone who happens to know about them.

People want to escape for short periods of time. On the way to work, waiting for kids, during lunch time, while waiting for friends to arrive or during a quiet coffee break.

It just makes sense to pick up the very short story reins and run with them.

The 100 word story is the format he selected to run with. It is a bit of a gimmick, but that is the point, force the shortness, allow the reader to understand before turning up that the story will be short.

That is when NibbleReads was born.


While Rodney swings between the pure 100 word story (a tale told with characters and plots and endings) he also delves into slice of life stories, idea sharing and simple thought provoking snippets. This site is about sharing anything that people will enjoy, sometimes a story, sometimes not quite a story, but always worth reading.

As the site was developed Rodney then delved into 100 word chapters stories. Why limit the story to 100 words when it can be grown into a full blown novel or story? Why not make the series potentially unending, like a TV series? So he wrote several 100 word chapter series that will be added in time.

Why stop with fiction only?

Why not use the 100 word chapter to share factual things as well? Why not biographies? So he wrote a biography about Winston Churchill during the war years. Strange as it sounds, the concept seems to be one that could work well, so expect to see more turning up.

In essence, NibbleReads is an idea beginning with 100 word stories, driven in the beginning by Rodney, but intends to become a place where many writers contribute many 100 word stories, series and factual pieces. Ideally it will expand into flash fiction (stories between 300 and 1000 words) and why not poetry as well? An art form that delights and creates emotion, but is not something Rodney is good at (yet).

The goal is to take these forms of writing and make it more common place, read daily by many types of people in many countries around the world. Flash fiction is not a small niche for a small number of people, it is a small niche that is coming of age, and Rodney wants to be part of the coming of age of the niche.

NibbleReads launched in June 2017.