Future meeting

“Let’s get this straight”. The detective sounded as hard bitten as any 1950s gumshoe. Only his modern outfit and electronic interface showed that it was 2050.

“You’re 60. You travelled 30 years forward in time. To meet a woman. Who’s now also 60.”

“Yes, I’ve already told the authorities. Why won’t anyone believe me?”

A touch brought up my holographic interview. I watched myself in 3 D.

“See, exactly as I said.”

Another touch brought up her image. DOB 14/8/1990.

My heart sank.

Died 15/8/2050. Yesterday.

“Didn’t you know?” He smiled sardonically. “We euthanize at 60 now.”

The door opened…

Written by Peter Larsen

Peter is a secondary teacher at Traralgon College in Victoria, Australia.

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