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Welcome to NibbleReads.

This site is all about stories.

100 Word Stories, Flash Fiction and Short Stories.

Just stories that are ready to be engulfed, enjoyed, ponder, fear and delight, and all done within five minutes.

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Behind the stories

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Serial Stories

As part of extending the scope of 100 word stories we are providing stories that are told in 100 word chapters.

In Progress Series

A Dog’s Life

Completed Series

The Sentencing

Nightly Visitor

The Night is Dark

Flash Fiction

Flash fiction stories almost always are under 3000 words.

Flash Series

Short stories can be up to 20,000 words. Which is a lot to read in one siting. To fix this, and encourage people to read longer works that they otherwise might miss, we have divided the short stories in chapters of no more than 3000 words.

Master and Man

The First Vampire