The magic of 100 word story writing and reading

Magic can happen quickly in 100 word stories.

It can begin with a loving couple enjoying a walk across a bridge and end in terror.

In 100 words, you can go from an act of horror to comfort and wonder.

And the story, in a flash, can turn from mystery to more mystery and leave you wondering how a basic situation can have so many unknowns and still have a valid ending.

As a reader of this story nuggets, I am constantly wondering where the writer is going to take me, whether there will be a resolution or not, or ponder the notion of whether their is a twist coming. And even when I am trying to figure out the twist, I still get surprised.

As a writer of these stories, I am constantly looking for ways to tell a story that delivers more than the 100 words allows. To attempt to deliver a story that feels longer than it is.

That is the magic of 100 word stories.

The ability to deliver more story than words, to connect with the reader for a momentary minute, and produce a reaction of some sort. Sure, I know that ten minutes later the reader is likely to have forgotten the story, but the emotion can remain. I try to get into your head just enough to have you wondering what the next story will provide. The story may or may not remain, but when you connect for that moment of 100 word magic, the ideal is to want you to have another 100 word shot of magic.

Flash fiction done well delivers the stories we all desire, quickly.

It allows us to connect to someone else’s situation, hurt, pleasure, joy, fear and horror. For the 100 words, if you allow them and the story is up to the job, you are able to delve quickly into another world, to escape your own world, and feel something else.

That is what 100 word stories try to do.

The magic is more story with less word.

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