The site grows, so does the story

Here are a few stories from the last month that are the most read.

Before sharing them, I would like to thank the three other writers who contribute stories to this site. At this point in time I am unable to pay for stories, (this will change though) so everything you read here is a labor of love. Two of the writers, Alanah and Peter, do not have their own websites at this point, but the newest writer, Mike Jackson, does. Do yourself a favor and visit his site.

One new feature I have started this week is introducing serialized stories with 100 word chapters.

I began this last week with A Dog’s Tale. But Peter and Alanah have quickly added to the concept as well.

Here are the serial stories, click to go to chapter one.

A Dog’s Life by Rodney Goodall

Sentencing by Peter Larsen

Nightly Visitor by Alanah Andrews

The top stories from the four contributing authors are.

22nd Century Jury by Alanah Andrews

The Perfect First Wife by Rodney Goodall

Might Have Been by Peter Larsen

Deserted Tracks by Mike Jackson

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