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One of my friends had the cheek to tell me that some of my stories highlight a potential problem in relationships. Well, after I got over myself a bit, I decided he has a point.

To a degree.

Like most people, I have had a few relationships, and sadly, two marriages.

Does this mean I have bad relationships?

Not really, and sort of.

And do some of my stories reflect the troubled times.

Yes, they do. But what my friend missed was they are stories drawn from experience or imagined situations or prompted from listening to people talk.

For example, I have experience in a wife ending the marriage, as told in End of a Marriage. Drawing on real experiences is essential, something I have done in this story but not exactly as it happened. I felt this story was a good one because it shows two people who are basically over it but, until she actually said something, neither party had been brave enough to end it. She did in the end, and his relief was shown in his reaction. To me, even though I was on the receiving end of the words, shows how brave she was to end the marriage. To be a good writer, one must draw deeply from some experiences and place them into the work.

Drawing on experience does not always make you a good writer,
but all good writers do it so that is a good thing to do.

So that is what I do.

I also wrote about about murdering partners too, as in My reckless wife. I can safely say I haven’t murdered anyone and I am not a cold hearted person either. I just delved into the deep dark places, reflected on the joking (I hope) talk of some angry divorced men and taken it into the story. The guy who inspired this story once told me her wanted to shove his wife off a bridge, and he said it so calmly too. The conclusion of that story has shocked some people and angered them, which is good because it is a shocking story.

I then walked down the path of a woman who is with a total moron in relationships. The classic taker type partner and it’s result is told in The perfect first wife. The inspiration for this story came from overhearing a woman talking on a train about her husband saying “He told me I make the perfect first wife”. Seriously, how bizarre is that sentence? A sentence like that deserves a story.

And there are more of these stories coming. Relationships are full of emotion, good and bad, pleasing and shocking. I like writing about the emotional aspects, trying to figure out why people feel what they feel, then do what they do, and putting them into a story in the hope that it creates emotion from the reader. Whether it is anger, happiness, or “that person deserved what happened”, as many times as possible, the goal is to understand the why, or provide a grey understanding of the motivations.

So my friend is right, I have had problems before, I will again most likely, and I will find inspiration from them and the experiences of others to create a fictional tales. The main point here is the fictional part.

Real experience, real prompts, imagined stories.

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